Weekly Cuppa between friends

Weekly Cuppa between friends

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Each week I present an exclusive cuppa between friends segment. In this audio I imagine that we are sitting down having a cuppa and I chat about my week and life.

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Weekly cuppa November 20th 2016



Weekly cuppa November 11th 2016

Weekly cuppa 5th November 2016

Weekly cuppa 24th October 2016

Weekly cuppa 28th October 2016

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10 Replies to “Weekly Cuppa between friends”

  1. I just love listening to you.... I love the intimacy of it...I love that your mom and dad are learning the tango at 80...and yes...I did hear the rain....💙 I had a bad day today but listening to you somehow calms me....thank you Lauren for all you do
    1. Heh Iris- I am so very excited about the cuppa between friends because the people who join this club really are my friends...it is so much more intimate. You had a bad day? Iris i am so very sorry. I know that there is an ocean between us but I think of you often and believe that we will meet. Thinking of you Love lauren
  2. Hi, Lauren! I just finished listening to the Episode 2Cuppa before I head off to sleep. Loved it! I have some thoughts about, "And I don't like pizza 🍕 ," and I have to say I disagree somewhat. 😋 I plan to come back here later to share thoughts after I get some sleep. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. Julia
    1. Hi Julia I cant wait. I actually do like pizza but only the thinly crust Italian style. I was quite thoughtful about this issue so looking forward to your thoughts. Sleep well. Lauren x zzzzz
  3. I really like the bare bones approach and please feel free to be as vunerable as you feel comfortable with. Its those vunerable moments that make us connect on a more deeper level. I believe that there is real power and insight in allowing yourself to be vunerable.☺ I had a beautiful day with my son Austin and his new wife Paige. He just bought his first home and and its just beautiful. A big milestone for him and the day was just perfect. Seeing your kids happy is the best feeling in the world isn't it Lauren? It sounds like you had great basketball weekend with your boys! It's really the simple things in life such as seeing your kids happy,enjoying a sunset,or getting lost in a good book that make life delicious. I just love this intament setting and I feel that through this private forum that we will really dig down deep and get to know one another. Yes!!! I say...bring on our fears and vulnerabilities! Take good care and we will speak again soon...
    1. Dearest Iris thank you, One of the issues which brings me a level of concern with internet motivation is setting people up on pedestals....either by the motivator or the listener...that is why I want a more intimate approach...I can't do that on your tube....but I can here. I feel that it is important to be real, vulnerable, and responsible....a rawness if you will. I think that true to life stories if told with consideration can bring up poignant issues which give us pause for reflection. There is so much more I would like to say. Iris thank you so much for believing in me. We had a great week end...a really wonderful week end. I hope that you also had a good week end x Lauren
  4. I'm so sorry you had a bad day. I had a difficult day last week but all is well. Lauren, you are an awesome mother..I know this and your children do as well and you are an incredible person...just amazing... So just throw that bad day over your shoulder because you got this! You soooo got this Lauren. 💙 By the way, I also got on a dating site for the first time about a month ago...☺ anyway, I'm thinking of you and cheering for you...all my love...iris p.s..I'm sorry to hear about your friend...Godspeed to you..
    1. Oh Iris what a beautiful letter- I love this virtual wellness centre as it is so intimate and we can write more candidly. Yes it was a difficult day but the passing of my friend brought it into better perspective. I must do some podcasting sometime on the issue of online dating- a fascinating topic. I am so very sorry that you had a difficult week Iris. I do feel for you. I love the way you wrote ' You soooo got this Lauren. 💙' Iris WE SO GOT THIS :) love Lauren

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