Terms Explained

Customer service statement

We stand behind our the consistent quality of our customer service and product. We work diligently towards providing a sustainable reliable, informative digital product providing information, courses, and resources in health services.

We are not medical or nutritional experts

We state that we are not and do not pertain to being medical experts

We encourage all members to seek medical advice and due assessment before commencing any health program. We encourage all members to regularly have medical check-ups and or associated health checks up by registered accredited health professionals. We discourage clients from commencing a health or exercise program without doctors advice.


This membership is an online digital membership and as such no shipping is required. Membership is transported via electronic media. The customer receives an email upon joining. This email gives the customer access to an online resource through login. This resource is only accessible to members.

Code of conduct

We value our members and take every opportunity to create a sustainable and positive client experience.

Members are free to  communicate via the coment section on each page of the membership site. Members are required to conduct themselves in a courtoeus and posiite manner. Members are not to use profanities, racial vilivation or slander. If a member conducts his or herslef in a manner not befiiting to the positive and professional natiure of this membership site The members membership will be terminated.


This membership is charged monthly.

At the end of each month the membership is renewed automatically unless the purchaser advises otherwise.

The purchaser may cancel at any time without incurring fees.

If the purchaser cancels the membership will still be paid and active for the remaining of that particular month.

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