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Hi, today  a huge welcome to you! This site is fairly new…and i am in my teethi ng stage

Every day new programs will go up on the site. Please bear with me, I promise it will be worth it.

Welcome to Being well with Laurenweb-site-1

What is the ‘Being well with Lauren’ Club? Think of it as a fitness studio, retreat, and wellness spa all wrapped up into one.

Here you will have access to weekly health and fitness classes, life hacking videos, courses, and recipes.


What you receive:

  • Access to all courses, videos, programs and audio
  • I will load a minimum of one new course each month
  • Plus the uploading of  my past courses, videos, resources, new content and our online virtual retreat.
  • Content is a mixture of YouTube public and unlisted, podcasts public and private and Vimeo private


A little techy note; As some content is stored on a backup server it may take up to 5 seconds to load so please bare with me. I have many ideas to upgrade the site and will implement  these with time.

 Retreat rooms

I used to have my own well being studio and I just loved it. Here I have attempted to design a wellbeing spa and retreat where you can experience well being in a comforting learning environment. The different areas in which you can learn are called  rooms. So just as you would walk through a retreat and experience the different services so you can walk through each of the 4 rooms of Being well with Lauren.

I have grouped the information in the following four areas.   I believe that in order to truly know ourselves we need to have an understanding  and established practice in each of these areas. Just as if you are in an actual retreat I suggest thatYou suggest you start in your own room. In that way you can unpack and freshen up. See you there.


Visit a room

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