How to reflect the light of happiness back towards yourself Day four of mind body cleanse

Episode 160 Reflecting – 

 How to reflect the light  of happiness  back towards yourself Day four of mind body cleanse

Day four MindBody Cleanse –  The path of reflection

We can reflect on experiences much as we do on photos- remembering the celebration, the laughter, and the love or we can choose to reflect with bitterness and resentment focussing upon the negative. Today let’s take out some mind-forged photos out of our photo albums of life and reflect with an openness to learning with an emphasis on happiness and an invitation to joy.

And what does it mean to reflect? To reflect is to throw back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.
It also means to have a serious thought or consideration. When we learn to reflect we can review adjust and develop our cognitive thoughts in order to learn to practice happiness.

Let’s learn how.

As part of your daily lessons complete the following

  1. Complete your journal (Click here for how to)
  2. Food plan( click here for how to)
  3. Yoga- Do a simple 8- 15-minute practice daily
  4. Walk each day for 10 – 15 minutes and be in the experience of each and every step
  5. Read & reflect upon the day’s meaning and how you may grow from this day’s lesson
  6. Meditation-  a 15-minute meditation of your choice. Keep the meditation simple and silent.
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