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Welcome to the Holistic Health room

Here you will find information on


  • Focusing on healthy bones and body,
  • nutrition
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Plant-based approaches,
  • Yoga
  • Sleep therapy

Disclaimer :

I encourage all of you to always seek a doctor’s advice regarding health, illness, and wellness. The information here is my opinion only. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.



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Programs available at present:

Learn how to meditate for beginners

Express meditation

Learn how to sleep

Beginner meditations



What programs are you interested in?

I would love to create courses and content for you. Please let me know in the comments below.

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5 Replies to “Holistic Health room”

  1. Hi, Lauren, It's Julia. I just joined today. I am really looking forward to seeing how this club evolves. I am a huge fan of your content on YouTube; it has honestly been more helpful to me than all the therapy I've had throughout the years. I wanted to respond here to your question about what content I'm interested in: YOGA: I love yoga, but no expert. I'd love to establish a regular practice. I've been interested in these 7 Minute workout things. I was thinking it might be cool to do some 7-Minute Yoga series (I haven't found anything like it so far). Something to open the hips and strengthen the upper body. MENOPAUSE: Well, this may be TMI, but I am likely peri and some days I feel like I'm losing my mind :) Would love some nutrition/exercise advice on how to best deal with this stage of life. GUT HEALTH: As my body ages, I've noticed changes in my gut. I am curious on nutrition to help balance my gut health. SELF-TALK: I think this may be a subject for one of your other rooms, but I have loved a lot of your ASMR Friend Role-Playing videos and found them to be very uplifting and motivating. Would love ideas on how to change habits of thinking. Some affirmation audios might be cool. ASMR: Any chance you'll do more ASMR here? ASMR has been so helpful to me in dealing with headaches and relaxation and sleep. You have an awesome ASMR voice :) Hope you are doing great <3
    1. Dearest Julia- i was so excited to read this. thank you so much for believing in me. I love this wellness concept so much. May i please read this letter out together with one more on Friday in the cuppa between friends? I would like to go through your awesome requests. Warmest regards Lauren
    2. Hi Julia- Hope all is well..just a heads up...my mic is really struggling at the moment and it keeps slipping and skipping video so it may have deleted the part where I say your name...or maybe not...but we were leaving for a basketball tournament away so I wanted to load it rather than wait another three days and redo it .I loved your ideas Julia. Regards Lauren

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