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Do you want to feel happy every single day?

Written by Lauren Ostrowski Fenton, Daily Rituals for Happiness is a user-friendly guidebook that teaches readers a step-by-step technique for experiencing happiness every single day. Focusing on ritual as the key to happiness, the book details the significance of these simple yet powerful practices and explores how they help instil a sense of self through reinforcing values, affirming connections to the community, and supporting wellbeing. Through insightful exercises in each chapter, readers are encouraged to develop self-awareness and create their own rituals, with an emphasis on feeling sensations of comfort, experiencing meaningful engagement, and embracing the rewards which come with planning and achieving realistic goals.“come with planning and achieving realistic goals. The book provides support and encouragement for those who feel lost, lack motivation, and are searching for a straightforward and sustainable method to feel happy every day. Interwoven throughout is the beautiful story of the special relationship between Lauren and her father, Leonard Sergiusz Ostrowski, a Polish World War II survivor who emigrated to Australia, bringing with him his recipe for family, resilience, celebration and being happy.

About the author

A single mother of four children including twins, Lauren holds an Honours degree in Anthropology and a Masters in Counselling from Monash University, Australia, and has worked as a personal trainer, life coach, speaker, and meditation teacher for many years. She has a popular YouTube channel and presents a podcast called ‘Being Well with Lauren’. In Daily Rituals for Happiness, Lauren candidly shares her personal experience of loss, childhood bullying, relationship challenges, and the many ups and downs of being a single mum. With humour and insight, she offers hope, support and practical advice to readers on their own journey. Her heartfelt and approachable writing style allows readers to feel like they are listening to a life story told by a good friend over a cup of tea.

Have you ever felt lost, stressed, or a little sad?

Have you ever felt not quite sure of your direction? Have you felt overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of day- to- day  life? Id the answer is yes then this book is for you. Hi, my name is Lauren, I’m a 51-year-old single mother of four beautiful young children; including identical twins. Two years ago I made the decision to embark upon a lifelong dream. The dream was to write a book before I turned the age of 50. As I do with all our projects I sat down with my children and we discussed how, as a team, we could make this dream come true. Little did any of us know the many ups and downs, pitfalls, and new experiences that writing a book would bring to all our lives. Writing” Daily Rituals For Happiness” has been the most wonderful, challenging, thought provoking, confronting project I’ve ever achieved. Writing this book has literally changed not only my life but the lives of my family. This book has been a labour of love and it is with much excitement, emotion, and joy that I bring you “Daily Rituals For Happiness’.  I hope that this book can help you as much as it has helped us. Life is to be lived in the moment so why not choose to be happy every single day. Warm regards Lauren

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on June 17, 2016

I have been following Lauren for quite a few years now. I have never met a more caring, thoughtful, intelligent, excellent life coach and therapist. Among the many years of therapy I have been through following a traumatic childhood and a few tragedies as an adult, over 20 years worth of different therapists and councillors, social workers and the like, not one of them has been able to help me like Lauren has. She truly has a gift, and this book is a culmination of her years of hard work and care and outreach to thousands of people.

Between her and my loving husband’s caring hands , I am somewhat “normal”, well…a well functioning person, now against great odds.

This is my personal experience, for what it’s worth. And I recommend so highly this wonderful book from a wonderful, truly gifted person above all others. Very thankful for her kindness and generosity.

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on June 11, 2016
I really love this book. The layout is very practical with an explanation of a particular goal in each chapter, then exercises to consolidate the learning followed by an opportunity to reflect on each activity. The author gives an example of her reflections that can be used as a guide. She speaks openly about experiences she has had to bring her to writing this book and draws on her life experiences and psychology training to offer sound advice on how to achieve happiness and what that is. I know I will continue to refer back to the book on a regular basis.
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on June 14, 2016
This book is full of wisdom and compassion and above all the warmth and integrity of the author shines throughout its pages. She has allowed the reader entry into her world and with clear, practical suggestions and guidelines, reminded us that our everyday experiences can have meaning and value, and provide clues for our finding contentment and fulfillment.
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on June 10, 2016
“…the packing is, in fact, part of the journey.”- Lauren Ostrowski Fenton. This book talks a lot about the ‘journey’ to happiness and the baggage we carry, lose, or even acquire along the way. If you feel that you need to prepare your ingredients before you start cooking, this book explains that the cooking already started from the moment you opened the knife drawer! I thought I would skim through the chapters to get an idea of what I was in for but halfway through the intro, I knew I was going to be diving DEEP into this masterpiece! I can immediately relate to the initial points brought up like having rituals, being in the now, having self awareness, and the like. I’m a gamer through and through. Youtube, Twitch.TV, posting on twitter and instagram and reddit and having my fingers in all the electronic pie. I like NOISE. I don’t have time to…READ. When I picked up this book, I forgot all about the noise. All the points brought up struck a chord. There is an account of warming up on simple scales before really being able to feel the music played on her piano. Ritual practice. This is not unlike hopping into a round of Counterstrike (trust me, gamers know and if you don’t- the tl;dr is that it’s not for the faint of heart or short of temper!) and having to do the almost tedious and boring task of playing no rules team deathmatch rounds just to get your mind right and your aim on task before playing for REAL-which translates to highly regulated competitive matches.
Each chapter has exercises that act as checkpoints for monitoring your progress towards your own happiness goals (which Lauren stresses upon repeatedly- you decide what happiness means to you as you discover who you even are; as opposed to the book simply saying ‘the number 42 is the answer to everything’) and I noticed after the first chapter, there is no answer key. There are no ‘solve for x and you’re ready to move on’ type reflections. The exercises simply push you to ‘aha’ moments you didn’t know you could have.
I will say this: I hunger to delve deeper into this journey the book has set me on. While it is billed as a workbook with chapter exercises and the like, it does not in any way bore you with lessons to study for the chapter exam (which doesn’t exist of course-thank goodness!) This PC gamer has learned how to read again. And I may even discover within myself the ability to open my loving arms to the console world because, well, it’s up to ME to ‘create that space’ (it’s in the book, trust me)!
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on June 10, 2016
Insightful and easy to read. There are lots of useful tips in this book!
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on June 21, 2016
Wonderful little book that’s easy to read.

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