Cut the BS already- Be happy today Episode 159 Being well with Lauren

Cut the BS already- Be happy today 

Episode 159 Being well with Lauren


Day three MindBody Cleanse –  The path of the present

By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

Now take a moment to look down the mountain of your life…From your vantage point of objectivity what can you see? Thats right you can see the animals, houses, and paths. They  look smaller from up here on the mountain of perspective don’t they? When we start to have perspective we start to light our way with the first lcandle of wisdom and enlightenment. Have you ever asked yourself know why they call it enlightenment? Because it is about lightening your emotional load so that you can focus on what counts.

So what can we take out of our back back today? Anything which does not belong in the present. Take the past out. Remember when can we feel? We can only feel in the now and who does the feeling?- yes that’s right – we do. And likewise we choose which feeling to pack into our backpack of now and which feelings to discard. If we have too many feelings we become distracted, confused and overwhelmed. Just like eating all the chocolates in a box rather than enjoying a select few. .Isn’t it better just to choose one or two and truly savor them?

Today we savor the chocolates of now and learn to taste happiness.


As part of your daily lessons complete the following

  1. Complete your journal (Click here for how to)
  2. Food plan( click here for how to)
  3. Yoga- Do a simple 8- 15-minute practice daily
  4. Walk each day for 10 – 15 minutes and be in the experience of each and every step
  5. Read & reflect upon the day’s meaning and how you may grow from this day’s lesson
  6. Meditation-  a 15-minute meditation of your choice. Keep the meditation simple and silent.
This Matt Killingworth…one of my personal favorites


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