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8 Replies to “Contact me”

  1. Hi Lauren, I heard you on the My Better Half Podcast and I cannot tell you how blown away i am at finally being able to find out what this tingling is! I have a question. Is it common for someone to be able to make this sensation whenever they wish? I've never had any triggers for it. Ever since I was a child I've been able to it. Does that make sense?
    1. Hi Whitney thanks so much for writing into me. I appreciate it. Every one feels asmr differently. I can feel it by just thinking of certain things but I don't think that is the way it is for others. Thank you so much for listening to me on Laura's awesome program too- that means a lot. Does she have a fantastic program I think people who are empathetic are more likely to feel asmr as a rule of thumb. So no in answer to your you are special and lucky. And I think that asmr relates to childhood experience and to the learned and genetic production of oxytocin. Hope you are well Whitney and thanks for writing in. Regards Lauren
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  3. Hi Lauren! I am one of your subscribers on your ASMR page! I don't know if someone has already told you or not, but on your Instagram profile the link to this website has a couple of errors in it. I'm thinking Instagram or your computer may have hiccuped when you entered it. I just wanted to make sure you were aware so that it'll be easy for people to find you here :-). Thank you for all your wonderful videos, they so help me!
    1. Dear Kelly, How lovely of you to reach out and thank you for letting me know about the link. I will fix it today. Thank you so much for writing. Please let me know if there are any content genres you prefer. Take care Kelly warm regards Lauren
  4. Hi , I just found your website and was wondering about the study course. It says to subscribe, and when I tried to subscribe, I am told I am already.
    1. Nancy Hi there- thanks so much for writing, I am so sorry I just saw this...How can I help please? If you have ever followed me before you will be already registered and the system ( silly system) won't let you join again. You can try another email address...also I have a mailing list which is free here...JOIN MY MAILING LIST for FREE WAV quality MEDITATIONS - or VISIT MY STORE here Or is there something else I may help you with? and thanks so very much xx

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