Announcing Mind Body 14 day cleanse Episode 147 Being well with Lauren

Episode 147 Being well with Lauren

Announcing Mind Body 14 day cleanse starting December 1


Hey there, how are you all?


Today the sun is out and it is simply beautiful. Did you know is my birthday soon? I’m turning 52. Isn’t that amazing? What a gift to still have the opportunity that each sacred breath brings. I thought to celebrate my upcoming birthday and the new year we would do a mind-body cleanse together.


Let’s it down and have a chat about it. I have a bullet proof coffee today.

Love Lauren that x



Ten super fitness Life hacks Episode 143 Being well with Lauren

Episode 143 Being well with Lauren

Ten super fitness Life hacks

In my 51 years and my 34 years involved in fitness, these are my top keys not only to fitness but being fit for life.

  1. Prepare your food yourself – enjoy the experience
  2. Walk daily
  3. Do push ups daily
  4. Keep your hips open, mobile, and stable
  5. Encourage and maintain a long, healthy mobile spine
  6. Make time
  7. Make your fitness sustainable
  8. Do yoga
  9. Drink alcohol in conscious moderation
  10. Have the discipline to face yourself

So let’s sit down and talk fitness

Lauren x

My virtual online wellness centre is now open


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Union of mind body spirit – Part 4 of Five How to find balance in the mayhem


Episode 139 Being well with Lauren

Part 4 of Five How to find balance in the mayhem – Union of mind body spirit


Mind body and soul; balance these three helps you ensure happiness

Home work notes:
Do you get to that point sometimes when you wonder what is the point? What is the point of even trying to relax when life can seem so hectic? The point is that every moment we are in the moment is a moment of awareness and an authentic moment of life.

What is the connection between your physical, mindful and spiritual self? Discuss

Do you currently have balance between these areas in your life? Discuss

What could you do to increase the balance between these three areas?

What do you do each day to affirm each part of yourself; your physical, your mindful and your spiritual self?

Brainstorm 3 actions that you do each day to honor each part of yourself

physical self
mindful self
spiritual self

Write down one ritual you could complete each week in each of these areas to encourage this part of you. Create an action plan for this ritual.

What is one small thing you could change today to bring more balance to your life?

Stay tuned for the final episode in this five day course tomorrow 🙂

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A cuppa with Australian Vegan, Tudor Holton. Let’s chat about being Vegan


A cuppa with Australian Vegan Tudor Holton. Let’s chat about being Vegan


Episode 124 Podcast Being well with Lauren


Today I speak with esteemed Melbourne Vegan Tudor Holton. Tudor has been a vegan all his life and runs regular vegan meet up groups in Melbourne, Australia. I had a simply lovely time with Tudor chatting over a soy latte all about being Vegan. So go and get your own cuppa and please join us.

And if you have any questions for Tudor please send them right in


Lauren x

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Body Image Let’s take back our power.

Episode 123 Being well with Lauren

Body Image Let’s take back our power.



  • How do you feel in your own skin?
  • What do you think beauty is?
  • How does beauty feel or look like?
  • What is the perfect weight?

Let’s talk body image and how it affects our sense of self. Today I am going to answer another listeners letter too.

Why do we define our sense of self upon that which cannot be objectively defined?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-
so let’s be the beholder and take back our power

Today my friends we are going to discuss body image and body size so go and get a nice cup of tea and let’s have a friendly chat.

Lauren x