How to change your body in 7 days course

How to change your body in seven days

Hi everyone,

Have you ever felt that you would like to change your body but you are not sure where to start- yes? well this is the course for you.

In this seven-day audio course we explore the essential elements in how to change your body. We break down how to change your body step by step with user-friendly ideas, plans, and hints. Please leave a comment below as to what course you would like next.

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Day 1 Body image, goal setting, and health



Day 2 The principles of Fitness




Day 3 Unpacking your pantry



Day 4 Let’s plan your food



Day 5 Change your mind and you can change your body

Episode 130 Being well with Lauren




Day 6 Creating a break glass list



Day 7 Celebrate and review


I do hope that you enjoyed the course. Please let me know what you thought and what you would like to hear next in the comments below.

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