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Being well with Lauren Club – a virtual wellness retreat



Hi there, My name is Lauren and I am a meditation teacher personal trainer, You tuber, podcaster, writer and well-being consultant. I am also a 52-year-old single mother of four amazing children including twins, I have been working on creating a special place; a virtual online retreat which focuses upon your well being.  In a private, supportive and nurturing space we focus on your fitness, your health, your well being and your happiness.

For me this is a dream come true.

Join me and lets be well together.



Do you want to live a happier life?

Join Being well with Lauren and you have your own key to enter a virtual well-being retreat.

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Here, you are free to walk through each of the rooms and experience

    • well-being and happiness
    • Health & fitness,
    • sleep & relaxation therapies,
    • and how to live simply.

The club  includes

  • fitness programs
  • meditations for all occasions
  • sleep therapy and relaxation
  • webinars
  • courses on personal development

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Join Being well with Lauren and:

  • Access to personal resources hand created and picked by Lauren
  • Learn, develop, and practice techniques, workouts and meditations
  • Full access to all courses, videos, and audio
  • Fresh, regularly updated content
  • Enjoy a focus on empathy compassion and personal development
  • Join a supportive like mind community


We are still a baby

My dear friends,

While I am  enthusiastic and wildly creative with my Being well with Lauren club we are very new.

After approaching a number of website developers I decided to baby-on-board-signcreate this website from scratch myself. Creating this virtual retreat has been a HUGE project. Being in the baby stage we may have  tinsy winsy teething issues.  I am working tirelessly to add content.

Please help me to grow with ideas, comments, and feedback.

Love Lauren x



Club Terms

      • Private Membership is month by month
      • You can cancel anytime
      • There are no lock-in contracts
      • Securely processed by Paypal
      • All major credit cards accepted
      • Shipping and refunds
      • Privacy policy



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