Episode 166 Being well with Lauren Why we fall in love Day 10 of the Mind Body Cleanse

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Episode 166 Being well with Lauren

Why we fall in love

Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need to know of hell. ~Emily Dickinson

We are animals. One of our instinctive, primal urges is to fall in love. The funny thing about falling in romantic love is that it is based upon animal desire and wanting …and the funny thing(not so funny actually) about desire and wanting is that it is the exact polar opposite of having and being. Let’s talk about falling in love and what it has to do with cleansing our sense of self. Why do we cleanse our sense of self? … To be happy and peaceful of course.

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton





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Written By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
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December 13, 2016


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