Episode 157 Empathy & compassion day one of the 14-day Mindbody cleanse

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Episode 157 Empathy & compassion day one of the 14-day Mindbody cleanse


The Path

Day one MindBody Cleanse – The path of compassion and empathy

By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

Welcome to Day 1 of my14-Day MindBody Cleanse. I’m so excited that you’ve chosen to join me in this amazing journey. Are you excited? I know that I am.  I want you to take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Remember you have made this decision to walk this path. You have formed the intention of clearing out the old and welcoming in the new. You have committed to change and that is no easy feat. Just as a child who feels attachment to an old much-loved teddy so do we as adults like to hold on to old patterns of thinking, negative self talk, and expectations. I promise you that today is a really important day. Today give yourself permission to take the first step. Today give yourself permission to walk gently but deliberately along the path to change.

Lets start at the beginning. Imagine that you are preparing for a long hike- a hike to the top of a tall mountain from which you can see your life with clarity and perspective. Lets pack our back pack…now what is the first thing we can bring? Thats right in order to walk this path of life with resilience, courage love and wisdom we need compassion and empathy.

Why did I start with compassion and empathy? Compassion and empathy is where the meaning of life starts because without compassion and empathy there is no kindness benevolence and concern for the suffering of others. Without compassion and empathy there would be no sense of community no human engagement. And with compassion and empathy we start the path towards enlightenment. Let’s call compassion and empathy our walking shoes.


The entire course is on the virtual wellness centre here 






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Written By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
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December 1, 2016


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