You are enough without a relationship Episode 154 Being well with Lauren

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Episode 154 Being well with Lauren

You are enough without a relationship.


You just are. This is enough. It needs to be enough not just for me but for all of us.

Ah today we talk about seeing our life as an arrival rather than waiting. Lets feel joy in the wind. Lets enjoy the light and the dark – lets enjoy other people without needing them.

Let’s consciously decide not to need another relationship. We are enough.

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  1. Manda

    Lauren, this could not have come at a better time. I recently decided to give myself some distance away from someone I have been involved with for about 2 years. I felt that I was not able to think clearly and that I was not able to love myself enough to realize I didn’t need them to do anything or be anything for me to be happy. Thank you so so so much for this. Love and light

    • Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

      Ah yes thank you- the journey to self is a challenging and sometimes deceptive one. So often we think life is about finding a perfect person where as it is really about us self-realising. Thank you so very much for writing x It is lovely to hear from you. All my love to you xx


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November 25, 2016


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