Have we warped the definition of being sexy? Episode 152 Being well with Lauren

Episode 152 Being well with Lauren

Have we warped the definition of being sexy? 



Hi every one-

One of my awesome listeners asked me to speak about body image so as I do before recording any podcast episode I started to have a good think about body image and what it means to have a good body…which got me thinking…is it even possible to have a good body? and then I started to consider is it possible to be beautiful ..or be sexy? And what does it mean to be sexy? Or are these concepts measurable or rather social ideals which are unattainable?

Being attractive is simply a perception or a feeling resulting from our personal understanding that our peer group accepts us. Doesn’t  this feeling really has more to do with how we subjectively feel about ourselves rather than what we objectively look like…

What do you think?

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