Announcing Mind Body 14 day cleanse Episode 147 Being well with Lauren

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Episode 147 Being well with Lauren

Announcing Mind Body 14 day cleanse starting December 1


Hey there, how are you all?


Today the sun is out and it is simply beautiful. Did you know is my birthday soon? I’m turning 52. Isn’t that amazing? What a gift to still have the opportunity that each sacred breath brings. I thought to celebrate my upcoming birthday and the new year we would do a mind-body cleanse together.


Let’s it down and have a chat about it. I have a bullet proof coffee today.

Love Lauren that x





  1. Julia Marie

    Hi, Lauren. Want to say again how much I love your content and your way of thinking and living. Enjoyed this podcast and I’m super excited about the 14-day Cleanse. You had mentioned doing push-ups, and I was wondering if you might be able to show us the proper technique sometime? I am particularly interested in making sure I don’t strain the wrists. Was also wondering if you are considering an online forum for your website where we can chat and support each other? Or maybe a closed Facebook group for members of the club?

    Thanks for all you do and I always look forward to all your new posts.

    Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    One of my favorites too.
    Not always easy to put into practice. Establishing new habits of thinking have always been challenging for me.

    To what address can we send birthday cards?

    Namaste <3

    • Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

      Heh Julia…am editing now my response to your letter in my cuppa between friends…should be up soon…love Lauren x


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