How to find balance in the mayhem Embracing the fear Day five of five

Episode 140 Being well with Lauren

How to find balance in the mayhem Embracing the fear Day five of five

***Please note after reviewing the series I have decided to add on one more episode 🙂 Stay tuned for tomorrow 🙂

For today we reviewed How

How embracing the fear


reviewing negative self-talk

affects our ability to sustain balance in our lives

Embracing the fear
Course notes:

Using the Apple pie method- look at your weaknesses
Which piece of your apple pie do you need to focus on? Sometimes confronting this piece of apple pie can be the key to our balance and even our happiness
Remember to journal your progress daily
We are in control of our cognitive thoughts and feelings
Work out a game plan of what are you going to do to work with your weakness on a day to day basis.
Every day
feel grateful,
review and adjust,
observe and detach
the actions and experiences of each day

Explore your negative self-talk

Diarise your thoughts hour by hour
Set an iPhone alarm once an hour for 8 hours over 2- 3 days.
Notice what you tend to feel as a pattern
We have a choice to focus upon negative or positive. What do you choose to focus on?





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