How to find balance in the mayhem Day three of five

Episode 138 Being well with Lauren

How to find balance in the mayhem Day three of five


Hi there, Today we look at control and how to employ self-control yourself to achieve life balance. The key to balance is to have some control over ourselves. Don’t give our power away to forces we cannot control.

Maintaining a healthy balance is not only essential for happiness and well-being; it can support productivity, goal achievement and underpin quality relationships,

Get out your journals and lets create some strategies…

We cannot control anybody else and if we wish to change others we give our power and our balance away.
What can we control?
Our values
Our thoughts
Our behaviour

What issues you can let go:
What are some strategies to take back control over your life?
Disconnect for set periods from screens and the internet
Ask why and say no
Protect & nurture your physical health( For yourself not for others)

Develop perspective Over your individual self without too much focus upon ego. Consider
alone time
relationship time
global time

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