How to find balance in the mayhem course Day two Episode 137

Episode 137 Being well with Lauren

How to find balance in the mayhem course Day two

Today we explore the relationship between choice and stress. The more we want, wish, and desire the less we feel balance. Now where is my cup of tea….

Barry Schwartz in his book The Paradox of Choice.

Increased choice can bring us sadness because choice often brings regret, remorse, resentment, self-blame and the possibility of missing possible opportunities. Increased choice also increases desire, wanting searching and longing.

Home work

What is choice?
How does having choice affect your life?
What does choice mean to you?
What areas of your life feel cluttered due to choice?
Do you think that having choices add to meaning in your life?
What are some areas of your selections you can simplify?
Do you find yourself using words such as wish, should, and want?
Do these terms help you think happy thoughts?
How does a state of wishing bring you balance or more importantly happiness?
What does desire mean to you?


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