Lets plan your food – Day 4 of a 7 day virtual retreat looking at how to change your body

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Let’s plan your food – Day 4 of a 7-day retreat change your body

Episode 129 Being well with Lauren


This is part 3 in a seven-day series imagining that we are on a private retreat together exploring ways to change your body in seven days.

How is your food planning going? Do you eat on the run or do you diligently plan your food? Today let’s organise your food! Come on its going to be fun. You have heard of the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Today we look at food planning and how planning your food can help you not only change your body but change your life.

I have a beautiful cup of green tea in hand so go and get yourself a hot cuppa and let us have a chat.

Love Lauren x


Topics covered

  • Food planning
  • Body image
  • setting goals
  • changing your body

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