Episode 112 Where we choose to look is who we are as individuals, as a community & as a world

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Podcast Being well with Lauren

Episode 112 Where we choose to look illustrates who we are as individuals, as a community & as a world. Where do you decide to look?

Hello, Lauren here. I am a mum of four incredibly awesome, amazing children including twins. I am a passionate blogger, podcaster, writer, personal trainer, and You Tuber. My podcast is about spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. Welcome to my podcast Being well with Lauren.
How do you spend your time?
Where do your thoughts wander?
What are you searching for on the internet?

After all, we are where we choose to look, search, think and direct our attention. Our bodies eventually age, but it is our thoughts and our perceptions which give us meaning and make us who we are.

Today I look at the top trending search topics on Google and discuss What this says about us as individuals, as a community, and as a world. In the top, Google searches the trending topics today are Sports, Cosmetics, Social media, terrorism, politics, and celebrities. What we search for reflects not only our core values and who we are …

BUT what we teach our children.

Where are you directing your mind?

How do we spend our lives?
What are we thinking about?
What are we looking for?
What do we search for?

…Because that is who we inherently are. That is the meaning of our lives, and that is what we impart to those around us.

Go and make yourself a nice cup of tea and let’s have a lovely chat. Today the roads are wet, and it is cold; a great day to snuggle up with a cup of tea in the company of a friend.

Topics covered
Google trending topics
world peace
cognitive thinking
the meaning of life

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Written By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
You tuber, writer, blogger, meditation​ teacher and very proud mother of four
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July 27, 2016


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