Episode 108 The fires of Fear can only fuel fear -Choose the waters of forgiveness & put the fire out

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Hi there, Today let’s have a candid chat about forgiveness & fear. Let’s explore how these emotions affect us. And what they bring to our lives… After all, we are social animals and part of a global flock. Putting all our values, attitudes, and beliefs to one side for a moment…I ask you ‘what unites us?’
What unites us as all people? Would your answer be ‘forgiveness’? I know mine is.

If you had the megaphone to the world and you could say anything at all, what would you say to change the world? Waleed Aly(Australian much loved new presenter) said last night:

‘Instead of sending hatred viral, let’s send forgiveness viral.’
What do you think?

Get yourself a cup of tea and let’s have a friendly chat.

Topics touched upon:






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