Podcast Episode 95 of Being well with Lauren ‘Are you just being too nice?’

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Hi everyone Lauren here… How have you been? I have a lovely cup of English Breakfast tea here and I am looking forward to having a nice chat with you. Today I respond to a business letter addressing self-esteem, negative self-talk,  internal dialogue, and maintaining a sense of self. Interspersed with these interesting topics we look at setting boundaries. Ah What a lovely mix! So seat yourself down -pour yourself a hot cuppa and  let’s get chatting.

Here is the letter I’m responding to… What would you say if you respond to this letter?

And…What would you say if I asked you to respond to this letter? Why don’t you respond below?

Well I’ve had some problems at work. I’ve started a new job and there’s some girls there who are talking bad about me and I usually don’t have low self esteem I usually feel pretty good about myself. But I’m starting to feel like a weakling, I feel like I can’t stand up for my self in a positive way. I feel like I’m losing my self in a sense like I’m just letting what those people say effect me in a bad way. I want to be strong like proud of myself and it’s not only them I feel like my friends even sometimes take advantage of me. I’m “too nice” I guess I should say so when I say I want to be my own hero I just want to know how to get my courage to say “No” or ” I don’t like that” I feel like I’ve lost my voice in what I want or don’t want in my life because I’m being too gentle and too nice. I would just like some motivation on how to stand up for myself, be positive, and strong like I think a hero would be. Kind of like a super hero. I hope I don’t sound crazy lol”

So ….what do you think? What would you say if you were this person’s confidante? Hmmmm

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