Episode 93 Enjoying the arrival at the platform of life

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Today I talk about not just enjoying the journey of life but noticing truly notice the arrival. And I use the metaphor of travelling on the train of life. And I talk about travelling from station to station or life achievement to achievement. When we travel from station to station in life we arrive at a number of platforms. Often as soon as we reach the platform our mind is already one foot into the next journey. I thought about this and I refer to my own life experience. So today we do some work to help us appreciate and enjoy the arrival. Today we take the time to stand on the platform of life and appreciate the achievement without jumping straight back on the train. I also talk about the pre-order of my book ‘daily rituals the happiness’ which is currently on pre-order. Please purchase my book the sales of which supports my next book which is about stress management and also supports my podcast and videos. Hope you’re well- Love Lauren.

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Written By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
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June 2, 2016


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