Episode 13 Learning to fly following bullying

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Hello my fellow brussel sprout eaters!!!! Yes OJ you too!!!

  • Have you been bullied?
  • How do you feel about the experience now?
  • How has the experienced of bullying changed you as a person?

Number 13 podcast is out and this one is very close to my heart. Some of the trials and tribulations of my childhood bullying are shared. WARNING- If you are looking for a chirpy cheery happy- happy podcast dont download this one. It is a little sad. I felt a little sad editing it …but only a little.

In this podcast  I talk about my experience of bullying as a child and how I rose to move past my pain and over time ( much time) learned to be myself, define myself….and fly

At times some of you may think that I am a super duper – coper…well my friends it was not always so( and frankly is not always so even now)…life is  an ocean full of calm waters, waves, and at time tsunami’s. Some times we lift our face to enjoy the gentle sun and other times we try to keep our head above water.


In episode 13 I answer a listener….dear Elina’s questions- and by the way thank you so for writing in Elina…I was so excited to receive your email in my inbox….I did my little happy dance.


This is Elina’s letter…

‘Hey Lauren! I just love to listen to your podcast it helps me relax so much. I would love to hear something about building self esteem, how to be your authentic self and don’t care what others think, self love. Something like that 🙂

Thanks for this opportunity

Lot’s of love’

Elina..this is such a large topic that I have covered it as much as I could in one podcast and will do so again…There is a lot more there to cover….please feel free to ask more questions

Thanks for listening guys…hope that you are all eating your vegetables, watching the sunsets, and engaging with good friends.

Love always

Lauren xxxxx

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Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff

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Written By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
You tuber, writer, blogger, meditation​ teacher and very proud mother of four
Publish date
September 12, 2015


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