The how and what of wellness

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Hi my friends….image (25)

Oooh I am up to episode 12 of my podcast series ‘Being well with Lauren’. Whoo Hooo. And how much am I just loving these podcasts!!!! Do you know that I can do these podcasts in my PJamies or my tracky dacks!!! So comfy and easy. And I do each of them sitting inside my walk in robe( yes seriously). Oh don’t worry I am still creating videos too. But I have to get dressed somewhat appropriately for videos so they are not a easy peasy.

And my dear friend Iris Voss…come on down…. a HUGE thank you for being my first ramshackle website blog follower….yay!

Thank you Iris

Imagine me singing now to you Iris right now on bended knee…..

Thank you so much for supporting me Iris!

Thank you so much for supporting me Iris!

And to every one else could you please possibly consider maybe sparing me a random follow?…That way I know who you are… just mosey on over and press on the little blue button on this page which says ‘follow’.

In episode 12 I ask you for your input on how to structure the ‘Being well with Lauren’ podcast moving forward. I am really excited about the increasing downloads and so ask for communal direction from all of you. I suggest that we perhaps devote an episode purely to meditation, an episode purely to cuppa-side chatting, and an episode to interviewing. In this way you can more easily go back to your favourite meditations and each episode is dedicated. But to be honest I am not sure which direction to take and I am waiting upon yours truly.

I then explore the how and what of ‘being well’. I refer to my fitness group ‘remarkableme’ and their progress. I explore what is being well and how we can realistically achieve wellness in today’s fast paced convenience based existence. Today many of us look for the silver bullet or the easy ‘one stop’ answer to  wellness. Does an easy answer exist in wellness? And indeed does any of life’s issues hold an easy answer?( oh how I wish!) Perhaps wellness does not come in a convenient easy-answer box but instead involves a balanced evolving process requiring engagement, self kindness, and acceptance. What do you think? I would LOOOOVVVE to hear from you.

I finish episode 12 with a cute little meditation affirming our wellness.

Sooooo this is your moment to click on the link down below and download my little episode……

Being well with lauren

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ( Click me Click me…)

My ramshackle website ( yes you are on it)

I have started a rickety ramshackle web site. Now I know NOTHING about websites….and I mean nothing!! so this website is killing me…aaaaghh I scream intermittently …but I will get there. It is my own creation so pretty make shift at this stage I am afraid but with time it will develop… like all my ‘tortoise’ endeavours…slowly and surely. It is called …very fumble fumble but a start is still a start and I am sure happy for that start. And after all this website gives us a little cute place that we can meet, comment and get together. Thank you so much for coming on board my journey.

Love to you all…and if you can please possibly support me at Patreon I would be over the moon.

Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff

Patreon is a cool place where we can hang out, get to know each other, and share stuff

Just type in laurenostrowskifenton into Patreon ( yes that is my name) or JUST CLICK HERE  and become part of my little Patreon family! I would be so grateful but only if this is easy for you.

Warm cozy Regards

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