We are human beings just like Westerners

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‘We are human beings just like westerners’ and these words were some of the words he spoke to the world in the profound grief of losing his family….


A prayer for the Syrian father who lost everything because we as a world turned away.


“Dear Lord

I can not begin to comprehend the pain and loss that this man is feeling but perhaps as a world we can witness his pain, send him our love, and make a decision to look past our front gate out into the many pains of the world and as a community diligently work towards creating change.

Nothing can replace a life lost Lord but we can make a decision to look into the face of pain and decide not to turn away.

Let us open ourselves to help those without clean water, help those experiencing poverty and terrorism, and help those all around us who suffer.

Lord help us to open our eyes.



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Written By Lauren Ostrowski Fenton
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September 6, 2015


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