My sadness and my light

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Click here for my podcast Episode 11 sadness and light 

Heh friends

I have been unwell for several days …quite sick in bed with a cluster of migraines, nausea, and some very real significant sadness – I made a promise to myself before I started my podcasts that I would upload podcasts through ‘the rain hail and shine of my life’ so today in my podcast we have a talk about sadness and light with a prayer. I am still a little unwell as I podcast but I wanted to present to you in the raw moment as I feel right now in this moment so that the moment is authentic and our sharing is more experiential. Yes I have been sad and I talk of this sadness and I ask you about your sadness and I talk of the world’s sadness. And then we come full circle back to having perspective yet still owning the right to our own feelings within that global perspective. We need to strike the balance between displaying empathy for the world and feeling and unpacking our own story. This owning of our feelings gives us opportunity to grow in wisdom, empathy and love. I wonder whether we can really have a global empathy if we cannot take the time to sit in our own grief?

Life is a journey and sometimes we fall and the fall may brings pain loss and perhaps heartache but at our feet there are always new flowers breaking through the earth and perhaps God brought the fall to bring our eyes gently to cast down towards the opportunities which lie beneath us. …the flowers of our fall.

Thank you so much to all of you. I have started a ramshackle web site. It is my own creation so pretty make shift at this stage but with time it will develop like all my ‘tortoise’ endeavours. It is called Being well with Lauren…very shaky but a start is still a start and I am happy for that start. Please follow me here, There is a button on the front page which says follow and please forgive its rough format…I am a beginner is web site creation but I an avid learner. Thank you so much for coming on board my journey.
Love to you all…and if you can please support me at Patreon and then type in laurenostrowskifenton thank you and become part of my little family! I would be so grateful but only if this is easy for you not if it presents you with any hardship.

Love to you all x

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September 6, 2015


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