Do you ever find yourself feeling crowded by life?

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Dear friends…

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Do you ever find yourself feeling crowded by life? Do you ever find yourself feeling suffocated with a myriad of responsibilities and commitments? Almost as if the business of life is distracting you from the essence of life? You do? Well I hear you my friend.

In episode ten of ‘Being well with Lauren’ I speak about how I immediately noticed the increase in my levels of stress since arriving back from holiday. I found this instant return to ‘ground hog day'( You must see the movie!!) such a stark contrast to the relaxing experience of my family holiday.   In this podcast I explore the origin of this stress and how we can each detach from this stress. I use the metaphor of standing on a highway with cars rushing past to look at how we can feel at times crowded and suffocated by the ‘busyness’ of our life. Sometimes it is the very way we choose to live our life which can take away from the quality of our lives. I explore decluttering, life editing, and emotional clearing. I also recommend the Ted talk with Graham Hill who also runs the group ‘Life edited’ of which i am a member.

I then continue to present a visualisation type meditation exploring decluttering and making room for happiness.

Recently I have started building a website with Word press…yes…a slow process for my very ‘untechno’ head….I will tortoise my way through it I am sure. Your generous and kind support has paid for my podcast storage at Lysbyn and also for my website hosting at WordPress and also my domain name. …not to forget the high expense in double A batteries which my H5 recorder literally chews through….I am incredibly grateful to you for your generosity and faith in me.

A big thank you to you…I could not create the projects I create without you and I want you to know that.

Thank you



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September 2, 2015


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